I came to game of golf at the age of 6 . I was inspired by my school teacher who taught me after school answering all my questions which were many and varied.

My junior years were spent in New Zealand playing Golf in Clubs and Representative Golf.  Later in London I played as a member of Richmond and Cheltenham Golf Clubs .  I dedicated myself to gaining a deeper understanding of the game and the discipline in movement and form.  From here my passion for the Game developed.

Ten years later I returned to New Zealand training under Terry Kendall at Chamberlain Park to become a professional. I played locally and throughout Australasia and the Pacific in a Professional capacity. When injury got in the way I turned a negative into a positive, studied  the reasons for my injury and from there developed my pursuit of excellence in the prevention of injury.  From this stand point I wrote articles on the connection between the two.

For five years I coached at Chamberlain Park GC  and I assisted coaching with Gillian Bannan,Terry Kendall, Bob McDonald and John Lister.  I couldn’t getting enough of their knowledge and experience.  They were a major force in my understanding the importance of compassion with the Student.  I must acknowledge Gillian Bannan for all the work she has done for golf, not only here in New Zealand, but the World.

After two years at Akarana Golf Course and a further ten years at Waitemata Golf Course I decide to commit my life to coaching full time.

My Philosophy is quite simple firstly realise your needs, goals, targets and expectations.  Understand the technical, physical, mental, visual or emotional aspects will then make learning a joy. You will find your mind and body will be in tune, my job is to create that harmony and ensure your success.

Good Golfing,

Dedicated to improving your game.

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Email: zainemikkelson@gmail.com