How to Practice

It is all very well to practice, but what is vital is how and what you are practicing… how you practise and when to practice needs planning and assistance. Improving your weaknesses, is owning up to them and dealing to them. Many players will practise without planning. I have written practise programs which assist you in achieving goals.

A great player is a player who has a game in balance, where every part of the game is at a certain level. More players practice their strengths , however, it produces a false sense of security. Confidence will be derived, when really, they have to confront their weaknesses in practice, not in the middle of a game.
Statistics will help both player and coach design positive Practise sessions. Just ask. Priority as to what you are practising is crucial at all sessions.


Golf is emotional. Its whole foundation is built on it. Every lesson booked is an emotional call. Every shot has emotional content. It is from this place that players win or lose. To understand emotion is, for me is to see the whys and the wherefores. Dealing with your emotions is worth its weight in gold. As coach and student grow clarity will be establish and understood. Decision making, club selection are all part of emotion. Grip pressure to post shot routines.


The body is a curious beast, it feels different day by day. Fitness, strength, flexibility are all monitored and communicated between myself and Grahame Green and his team. It is a vital ingredient to achieving success.The body is the engine room and needs improving and maintaining. Prevention of injury is closest possible way towards excellence.

Warm up and pre-shot drills are ingrained in physical training. The support mechanism to excellence in all sports comes from mind body integration. The better the body is prepared, the more confidence the mind has under stress.


One must have a visual sense to shot making. Knowing visually how to play is as equally important as to the shot itself. One may have visual sense but can not manage to execute the the shot because of lack of skill. Visual training part and parcel of elite training, yet it is introduced and maintained right from the beginning in improving the game. Two great players may have the same skills in the execution of shots, however the one who sees the shot better is always the winner. Imagination is linked to visualization.


Golf is a technical sport. There is no way around it. There are certainly, laws, principals and preferences. A player at any level has the ability to improve their technical ability if they know how. For me, teaching is based on sharing and communication of explaination of what my eyes see. To show you the player how and where and when you need to be inside the swing. Compassion is paramount in how much technique needs to be discussed with the student.Some people what so much… some need so little.


3D Imaging. Equipment used is a Sony Vaio Computer, with Swinger MK 2 capture and converters. via 2 x Sony Zeiss 800x cameras.3d imaging is used in every lesson allowing the player to see and feel what moves  are required to make their swing work correctly. 3D imaging is free with every lesson
Radar technology is by Foresight for correct club fitting and swing analysis.


I may be teaching you but you are also teaching me. To teach you correctly needs time for you to understand the importance of the fundamentals of Golf.
A good grip, set up, and posture is 50% of a good result. Without good fundamentals checked, players generally slip into comfort, which can lead you back to where we began.

Directing a lesson is staging an act. The golf swing is a deliberate act  .It is precise and exact, or as close as we can get to it.
There are positions to learn, from setting up, posture, composure, to letting go. The art of it is time consuming and lessons save time, anxiousness and relieve the player from fears and doubts.
When I needed to learn how to teach I went for lessons left handed. I needed to tap in to what was clumsy for me to see how it was on the receiving end, as for all my life I was a right handed and an automatic striker of the ball which for some years earnt me a living. I had also studied movement of dance and choreography with Arlene Phillips, Molly Molloy, Chrissie Wickham and Kathy Burke in Covent Garden, London. My aspirations of choreography are still strong to this day. Movement is an untiring inspiration in my day to day living.The joy of seeing a face happy because the challenged set upon student from coach worked successfully is from a dedication as a giver. The satisfaction of seeing a student hitting a great shot is to me why I teach. More importantly hearing why a student hit a great ball or why they have hit a bad ball is equally important. My job is for you to know why. That ball flight is always talking to us and I will teach you what it is saying.

As to how many lessons is and individual choice. Nothing can be achieved in 30 minutes as what can be achieved in an hour,and so on. Budget, time constraints, impulse or determination all must be evaluated.


Zaine coaches Tuesday until Saturday between 9am and 6pm.

One On One Coaching :

All Day Clinic $350.00
Duration 7 hours at Waikare Golf Club Te Kauwhata, includes a packed lunch.  Other courses by arrangement.

Discount Packages
1 x 30 minute lesson  –  $89.00
3 x 30 minute lesson  –  $260.00
5 x 30 minute lesson  –  $425.00
10 x 30 minute lesson – $795.00

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